The first Joint Venture Partnership program to improve your CPA firm

Guaranteed and measurable business improvement in your accounting firm through our proprietary process

CPA firms who implement our strategies experience average of 200% growth

The first Joint Venture Partnership program designed to improve accounting firms

A proprietary business improvement process with a proven track record

We collect partnership fees only when you get results

FY USA is a firm unlike any other

Working with partners from 3 different firms

October, 2019

We are CPAs and business development experts building a community of like-minded professionals. Collectively, we share decades of experience in our craft that extends across industries and borders. The accounting profession is built on trust and service, thus we all possess a unique opportunity to give back to the professional community.

This is why we created the industry’s first joint venture partnership program designed exclusively for elevating accounting firms – like yours – who show potential for growth.

It’s also why we work with numerous charities to channel resources back into the hands of those who need them most.

We invite you to join us and achieve success through better business performance in your firm.

A proud member firm of FY International

FY USA is a member firm of FY International, a network of select independent accounting, consulting and legal firms with offices in 38 countries.

While FY USA’s focus is on improving the business performance of accounting firms, FY International member firms compete in new markets, exchange referrals, provide peer reviews and professional development.

FY International began as a single firm – Fernandez Young LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants in Vancouver, Canada in 1988.






Accounting professionals love working with us

If you want to move forward, have honest feedback, and have someone ……. with caring and kindness…… tell you exactly how it is, Sia is the one for you. No whitewashing – nor does he ask you to do anything that is beyond your abilities. He meets that balance of realistic and challenging all at once. He will hold you accountable, so if you are not all in, don’t bother. But if you want to improve your business and think out of the box, step up to Sia!

Carol Bezy CPA

Carol Bezy, CPA

Owner, Business Resource Center Inc

I have witnessed first hand how Sia can make a positive and significant impact for a variety of organizations, including professional service firms. He distills complex business issues into actionable steps. More important, Sia can instill confidence and empowerment into practically anyone; even the most ardent skeptic. If you’re a business owner seeking change but need assistance in developing a workable plan to make your goals happen, reach out to Sia. It will be time very well spent.

David Oates APR

David Oates, APR

Crisis PR Expert & President, San Diego Rotary

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