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FY USA equips your firm with tools that lead to more capacity, more profit, more revenue, and more high-value engagements. We invest directly in your success so when you win, we win.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to elevate the accounting industry by improving the standards of business performance in firms who seek to make a bigger difference in the lives of their teams, their clients, and their communities.

Our Leadership

Sia Kal

Sia Kal

Managing Partner

Sia has spent most of his career developing business improvement methodologies for Accounting and Law firms. He has created compelling professional courses and workshops accredited for CPE, and seminars attended by hundreds of firms worldwide.

Sia has enabled hundreds of partners and their teams resolve issues that impeded their ability to achieve success beyond expectations. Sia’s passion is to instill morality and fair dealing in the business world to cultivate relationships. His key to success has been ‘putting people before profit,’ and teaching others to do the same.

Jim Fernandez

Jim Fernandez

President & CEO

Mr. Fernandez is a Partner and leader of assurance services at Fernandez Young LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants. He provides audit services to public companies as well as private and for profit enterprises.

Mr. Fernandez is frequently involved on issues of governances and corporate relations. He also provides advisory services and structuring support to organizations involved in global operations.

Renan Cabrera

Renan Cabrera

Director, Special Projects

Mr. Cabrera has more than 30 years of experience in senior financial roles. His ability to manage operations and financial projects has made him a leader in his field.

He is well recognized by international banks and investors. He also maintains relations with government officials and private company representatives. His creativity and ability to identify solutions and develop sustainable business models make important operations possible that would not have materialized otherwise.

Mr. Cabrera is known best for his ability to mitigate risk and provide solutions to problems that seem unsolvable.

Our Core Values

We Improve Lives

We demonstrate our philosophy that business can be done with consideration for people through cultivating relationships. Our goal is to improve the lives of all stakeholders by providing resources and opportunities.

We Prioritize Trust

We work hard to earn your trust and keep it.  We seek to understand first and value your perspective.  We empower you by always providing honest advice; no matter the consequences. Our skills, experience, and culture make us problem-solvers who invoke confidence.

We Consider Your Uniqueness

The perfect approach for one firm may be incompatible for another. We listen to you, investigate fundamental issues and develop creative solutions to improve your business performance. We tackle every project without preconceived ideas or boilerplate solutions.

We Use Our Global Perspective

Our diversity helps us see things from a unique point of view. Our team has worked in many corners of the world and enjoys connecting with people from all cultures and walks of life

We Are A Story Of Perseverance

We maintain our entrepreneurial spirit. Our brand is built on self-determination, integrity, teamwork, transparency and commitment to our goals and firms who partner with us.

Our Firm Is A Means To Transcend

Every firm in our organization demonstrates the highest level of skill, professionalism and global citizenship. We believe in the power of people and their ability to help elevate others. We believe the goal of doing business is for building a better world.

Initiatives We Support

Our measure of success is based on what we do with it. As an organization, it is pivotal we continue to draw a nexus between what we do on a daily basis and the impact we have on our communities – particularily on children who need to be rescued from various conditions. It is why we do what we do. We utilize the talent and expertise of our business community to enable charities to be self-sustaining.

If you would like to know more about what we call our 25:40 Initiative, please contact us at the bottom of this page.

Father’s House

Ukraine Mission: Father’s House is a children’s home outside of Kiev, Ukraine. Since 2000, Father’s House has been caring for children who often come from households struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. It provides love, care, adoption opportunities, and mentoring for children and youth to learn essential life skills.

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The Gem Foundation

The Gem Foundation is a home for special needs children in Uganda which cares for over 40 children. The foundation provides a place to live, meals, special care and playtime. Plans are currently underway for building a much larger Gem Village, an entire accessible community that offers full medical, antenatal and maternity care as well as therapy.

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Hidden Treasures Foundation

Hidden Treasures Foundation is a San Diego-based center for girls and women who have been victims of sexual assault and human trafficking. It’s focus is on the four Rs: Rescue, Restore, Renew and Release. Hidden Treasures empowers and equips girls and women with the tools they need for independance.

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