Accountable 2020

September 1, 2020

Accountable 2020 is a virtual event hosted by FY USA expertly crafted by industry professionals to be the best workshop to fully upgrade your accounting business backed by a 100% money backed guarantee.


Who: For Partners and Managers

What: Upgrade Your Business Performance

When: November 12th & 13th

Where: Online Virtual Event

Why Accountable

Nothing like accountability can improve performance. You may be struggling to find the right time to do something serious about the future of your firm. If year after year you tell yourself, “I’m going to get it right this time,” yet the results are underwhelming, this event is made for you!

We know how it feels to struggle with business. We have been in your shoes before and for the past two decades have helped firms like you seriously upgrade their business performance beyond their expectations. So why don’t you join thousands of accounting firms at Accountable 2020 Virtual Event this November and let us work together to dramatically upgrade your business performance.

  • Improve your business performance
  • Develop your team and operations
  • Help your clients thrive in their business
  • Build a lifestyle that inspires