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Gain new insight and put your accounting firm on a path towards better business performance in less time.

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Dive deep and analyze your firm in three areas:


Scope Creep
Internal Communication
Team Roles & Responsibilities
Value Chain Activities
Service Packaging
Marketing Communications
Lead Generation
Clientele Analysis
Competitive Positioning
Collateral Quality & Usage
Business Development
Engagements & Proposals
New & Existing Client Sales
Culture & Training
Pricing Strategy


Receive customized, practical steps for improvement

Upon completion of your Firm Improvement Diagnostic, we deliver to you a comprehensive report of our analysis. This includes a directive with the practical steps you can take to immediately begin improving your firm in each area, considering your resources and capabilities.


Joint Venture Partnership Options

At the end of the Firm Improvement Diagnostic, you may also receive an offer to form a Joint Venture Partnership with FY to help you implement the changes necessary to improve your firm’s performance, which you may accept or reject. Additionally, Joint Venture Partnerships receive:

  • Ongoing expert support for client special projects
  • A new income stream that will surpass current revenues