Supporting business clients during the COVID-19 pandemic

March 31, 2020

Businesses everywhere are facing a big challenge. How can they mitigate the impact of losing customers, clients, and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic?  

The burden of that answer falls on the shoulders of brave accountants who want to lead by providing support and resources for not only their clients, but all businesses during this difficult period.   

As ‘Trusted Advisors,’ this is our time to step-up and shine in our communities. That means our mission should be to organize, mobilize, and empower businesses to overcome this challenging season in our economy.  If you like to be a part of the solution and/or you need help navigating your business through these tough times please join us as we discuss:

  • What actions our CPA panelists have taken to organize their teams, mobilize them to work remotely, and give them resources to continue servicing clients
  • Advice to other accounting firms on how to better handle their challenges
  • How to support your business clients to help them manage the impact of the current crisis
  • Advice for all business owners who are struggling with challenging economic conditions

If you can’t spare a whole hour for the webinar recording, be sure to read how our CPA panelists and their firms are navigating COVID-19.

Andrea Parness

A. Parness Company

New York

Dan Whittaker

Whittaker & Co.


Debby Miller

Phases Accounting


Emily Fisher

Fisher P.A.

North Carolina

Sia Kal


New York