Does your accounting firm serve clients with interests in Spain, Bolivia or the Netherlands? FY members across the world are now able to confidently serve these international clients thanks to our three new firms who have officially joined our global network during Q3 and Q4, 2019!

Each addition brings to our referral network new skills, perspectives and most importantly, unmatched local knowledge of their markets.

Spain: Introducing GAP & AUDICON

GRUPO DE AUDITORES PUBLICOS & Auditores, Consultores y Expertos Independientes (AUDICON) are formed by professional auditors who provide a uniform service with a high added value in the areas of accounts auditing, consultancy, legal advice and liquidation of companies. Experience in management, continuous training and a high degree of commitment to the client are our main distinctive.

In a globalized economy we offer a range of services designed from the experience of our professional auditors in senior business management.

We have a wide network of offices located throughout the national territory. You can find us in Coruna, Almeria, Badajoz, Cadiz, Cordova, Granada, Jaen, Murcia, Madrid, Malaga, Seville, etc.

The consultancy service allows our clients the possibility of achieving the optimization of their resources, as well as reinforcing the main lines of their business. We are dedicated to the implementation of business control and management systems in companies.

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Bolivia: Introducing Cabrera, Cordova y Asociados Ltda. Auditores & Consultores

Cabrera, Cordova & Asociados Ltda. was established in February 1994 in La Paz, Bolivia and is formed by accounting, legal and consulting professionals, providing services throughout the country. The firm’s professionals are qualified and committed to their clientele in delivering high-quality services. Cabrera’s team has auditors, accountants, tax experts, legal, compliance counselors, and Certified Internal Auditors (CIA) who can provide effective support and services to their customers.

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Netherlands: Introducing Confirm Accountants, ONS Accountants, Westerveld & Vossers

Confirm Accountants is a cooperative audit firm that focuses entirely on one core activity: the audit or assessment of your accountability. Thanks to this specialization of assurance-only, we are able to guarantee an audit approach at the highest level. And in that approach you as an entrepreneur are central. You have a very important role in the process with actual participation and decision moments. Our independent judgment is always guaranteed.

ONS Accountants is there at every moment of your company. If the sky is the limit. Or if everything goes smoothly. When the rack is out. Or if you pass the success. It is running or standing still and that realization is there at ONS. ONS is never on the sidelines and never in the spotlight. We are here for you.To spar together or advise on risk management, asset management or financial security. To do business with confidence. Together with ONS.

Our relationship must contribute to the progress and development of business and personal assets. This requires ONS to go further than reading figures and forecasts, but to interpret and look at the financial continuity in relation to the phase in which you and the company are located.

Nobody knows the market in which your company operates as well as you do, and yet you can expect new insights from US. Through our benchmarking role, we offer insights into, for example, business processes, dealing with market developments or changing circumstances such as growth or contraction. We use these to point out more paved roads or interesting possibilities. The wheel does not always have to be reinvented.

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